19th March 2024

When it is for Police and Criminal Evidence.


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When is keeping pace not a good thing?
When it is for Police and Criminal Evidence.
This is happening more than many of us realise.

I’m working on a case that truly brings to light how a business, and the business owner, is only as secure as the weakest link.
Ensuring that cohesive due diligence is in place is paramount.
Let’s protect our consumers and our businesses from any negative career defining moments.
Be sure to have the fundamentals of food legalisation in place. Training, qualifications and competencies are just some of the many.

It may seem to be a pain to focus on pre requisite programmes; but they are our saving grace.
Building on them will reduce the likelihood of any nasties from showing up.

Are you sure how that your systems and staff are robust?
Be sure; reach out and we can get this sense checked.

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