BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 9 is manageable

10th August 2022

Section 3 changes.

Food safety and quality management system.

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The standard update was released on 01.08.22 and many of us are working to identify and plug the gaps; allowing us to continue to supply the global market.

See my Section 3 summary of notable changes: Food Safety and Quality Management System.

 *Indicates a BRC fundamental requirement

3.1 Food Safety and Quality Manual - No notable changes
3.2 Document Control - No notable changes

3.3 - Record Completion and Maintenance - No notable changes

3.4  *Internal Audits
 Summary of audits and corrective action verification at management review. 
This infers inspections too
Inspections shall have corrective actions, which are agreed with timescales and verification of completion
to be reviewed at the Management Review
3.5 *Supplier and Raw Material Approval and Performance Monitoring Product Security, Food Defence and authenticity added Traceability of last manufacturer or packer etc
3.5.3Addition of authenticity Approval of providers of training or product safety consultants Change from brand owner to customer Management of outsourced processing: Security, defence and authenticity, GMP added Security, defence and authenticity, to be included as part of HACCP Requirements for outsourced processing shall be agreed and documented in a service specification, similar to a finished product specification)  This shall include any specific handling requirements for the products.
3.6 Specifications - No notable changes
3.7  *Corrective and preventative actions
3.7.1 Include RCA and implementation of preventative action
3.7.2 Addition of authenticity and adverse trend in quality
 Addition of RCA
Clause has been removed
3.8 Control of non-conforming product
3.8.1 Addition of management of any product returned to the site
3.9  *Traceability
3.9.1 Addition: Where required, the traceability system shall meet the legal requirements
of the country of sale or intended use.
 3.9.3  Traceability to include printed packaging and labels with food safety information.

3.1O Complaint Handling - No notable changes
3.11 Management of Incidents, Product Withdrawal and Product Recall
3.11.1  Addition of authenticity
Addition of product contamination indicating that a product may be unsafe or illegal
3.11.3  Terminology: Incident management procedures (those from product recall and withdrawal)
3.11.4  Inclusion of authenticity or legal incident
The company shall then provide sufficient information to enable
the certification body to assess any effects of the incident on the ongoing validity

of the current certification within 21 calendar days
As a minimum, this shall include corrective actions, root cause analysis and a
preventative action plan.

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