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With 30+ years of business experience, I've learned how to thrive professionally, I've also learned how to make myself a better Human. To maximise that I needed support; so I embarked on many development programmes and enlisted a coach!

Physical, mental, financial, social and spiritual well-being are as important to me as my professional development. The more conscious/self-aware I become; the better everything becomes.

What Can Coaching Offer You?
✅ Personal & Professional Excellence: Uncover the solutions for you to Reveal the Best of You.

✅ Well-being: Elevate your physical, mental, financial, and social well-being for a truly beautiful life every day.

✅ Self-Awareness Mastery: Discover the transformative power of self-awareness in every facet of your life.

✅ Real Results: Witness positive changes not just in your professional life but in your entire life.

Are You Ready to Reveal the Best of You?

Join me on this precious coaching journey, where we'll uncover the solutions to Reveal the Best of You. It's time to recognise your true value and invest in yourself. Prepare to witness the ripples of positive change resonate through every area of your life.

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⭐ Your Best begins with YOU! ⭐

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Food Safety Consulting
Food Safety Consulting
Company Director

Teri Gardiner

BSc. (Hons) MIFST
Company Director

I'm an intuitive food safety professional and biological scientist with extensive experience in the global food manufacturing, hospitality and education sectors.



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    Food Safety Consulting

    Teri quickly developed a dynamic strategy involving the team to identify and close out the gaps. Her strategy was on point, crystal clear and well communicated with the wider team regularly to ensure the focus was continuous.

    Food Safety Consulting

    Moira Buchanan - Tate & Lyle

Year’s Food Safety Experience
Delegate Course Pass Rate
Annual Cases of Foodborne Illness (UK)
Annual Cost of Foodborne Illness (UK)

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